270 m3-h stainless steel

Krea st ix F/90 - 150-270m3/h, 1x 40w, 90cm, coal filter, stainless steel
VAT excluded

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QualityThe technical art of designers and the expertise of the many workers who assemble the products merge in a single path made of passion, attention to detail, innovation, whose synthesis is the product that will arrive in the homes of the whole world. Passion in designing and caring in building then become attention to the customer from the moment of purchase. Laboratory tests and tests are carried out on each model to verify: intake efficiency, electrical safety, sound level and reliability. This is not enough! At the end of the production line, sample checks are carried out to ensure functional, aesthetic and packaging quality. The attention to the product continues in the distribution, until the delivery in the houses around the world. Elica, in addition to the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer, today gives you the opportunity to live “5 years of tranquility”, buying packages diversified services to prolong the life of the product and avoid inconvenience caused by unexpected.
Product Details

Data sheet

898 mm
Semi-integrated (semi-recessed)
Maximum extraction power
270 m3/h
Type of grease filter
Type of extraction

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