Bosch Series 4 WGG04200IT washing machine Front load 9 kg 1151 Giri-min A Bianco

9 kg, 1200 RPM, B, 71 db, 848 x 598 x 588 mm
VAT excluded

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Quiet and reliable motor, with 10 years of assistance.Don't let your washing machine ruin the atmosphere of the evening. Bosch's EcoSilence DriveTM engine is so quiet that sometimes you can even forget it's working. The high energy efficiency brushless motor is silent, durable over time and is covered by an additional 10-year service on components. Hygienic washing, even at 40°C.Sometimes the clean is not sufficiently clean. That's why we developed the Hygiene Plus program. It maintains the temperature level selected constant throughout the washing cycle and performs an additional rinsing cycle to ensure a clean and hygienic laundry, effectively eliminating germs, bacteria and mites. The result: hygienic washing that eliminates 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria already at 40°C*. *The Bosch washing machines with AllergyPlus/HygienePlus with the 40° and 60° program meet the scientifically recommended requirements for the reduction of 99.99% of Enterococcus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, according to: Honisch et al. 2014 “impact of the life of the washing cycle, temperature and composition of the detergent on the igienizing effectiveness of the washing” conducted by the Rhine Waal University. Perfect results, less than half the time.When you're in a hurry and you can't wait for a whole washing cycle, the washing machines with SpeedPerfect reduce the washing time to 65%* without compromising the results. The SpeedPerfect function can be used in combination with most programs and with all types of load and fabric. Selecting, for example, the Mix program along with SpeedPerfect you can thoroughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mixed linen in only 46 minutes. *Compared between the duration of the 40°C Synthetic Program and the duration of the 40°C Synthetic Program with the active SpeedPerfect option. Give a clean high quality, delicate and efficient to the garments you love most.Your favorite or delicate clothes can be ruined after washing. The special and exclusive patented structure of the VarioDrum basket washes in a delicate and efficient way any kind of garment, distributing water evenly without deforming, sgualciating or damaging tissues. Depending on the program selected, the special conformation of the basket and the draggers gently convey the laundry to the center regardless of the direction of rotation. This ensures a washing of the most dirty garments, and also faster and more accurate for the entire load. Cleaning and treatment of your wardrobe will be of professional quality, washing after washing. Protect the environment and save money thanks to particularly efficient water management.The washing machine saves time and effort, sometimes at the cost of excessive water consumption. Our ActiveWater technology leads to perfect results using only the amount of water needed. Integrated sensors regulate water consumption according to the type of fabric and charged quantity, while our patented basket and water induction systems allow a quicker soaking. Choose the washing that helps you manage the use of water and restores tranquility in the house. Never more forgotten garments, with the Add laundry function.Did you forget to add your son's favorite shirt? No problem! The Add Bucato function allows you to easily add or remove the garments during the washing cycle*. Just press the Add laundry button and open the door, to add forgotten garments and continue washing. * As a safety measure, you cannot use Add laundry if the water temperature exceeds 50°C or if the water level is too high.
  • EcoSilence DriveTM: silent and energy-efficient engine, with 10 years of assistance
  • Hygiene Plus: hygienic washing that effectively eliminates germs and bacteria already at 40°C
  • SpeedPerfect: perfect clean in a reduced wash time up to 65%*
  • VarioDrum basket: delicate washing thanks to the special structure of the basket
  • ActiveWaterTM Plus: Sensor system able to automatically and accurately adjust the influx of water in the basket, according to the washing requirements, minimizing water consumption
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product color
energy efficiency class
centrifuge efficiency class
Basket capacity
9 kg
Positioning of the device
Free installation
Type of charge
Front loading
Maximum spin speed
1151 Giri/min

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