Beko rdsa310m30sn refrigerator with freezer free installation 306 l f silver

310l, 42db, 50hz, 55kg
VAT excluded

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A clear vision of the interiorSometimes it is difficult to see everything in the fridge, especially in the corners and at the bottom of the shelves. The new Led Illumination® LED light points, positioned in the ceiling ceiling or on the side wall of the refrigerator allow us to see each point clearly. The result? Maximum visibility of the interior and greater energy saving than traditional lighting. Ice accumulations at minimumThe ice that is formed in static refrigerators can cause food to be attached to each other and increases energy consumption. The special MinFrost® evaporation system minimizes ice formation in the freezer. So the frozen ones keep better, save energy and spend less time crumbling the freezer. Reversible door for each kitchenSome kitchens require refrigerators with doors opening in one direction. Reversible door hinges can be mounted on the right or left side of the appliance, so you can decide which way to open it. You can also double the refrigeration capacity by flanking two refrigerators and reversing one's doors. High-strength crystal shelvesThanks to the Infrangible Crystal, you will no longer be afraid to put that huge pot in the refrigerator. Infrangible crystal shelves are made of tempered glass and hold up to 25 kg of weight. They are more resistant to cracks and scratches than non-hardened glass, so you can rest heavy objects without fear.
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Data sheet

product color
energy efficiency class
Positioning of the device
Free installation
Total net capacity
306 L
Net capacity refrigerator
237 L
Freezer location
Top seat
Freezer net capacity
69 L

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