Bosch series 4 kgv36vbeas refrigerator with freezer free installation 308 l and black

Series | 4 Frigo-freezer combined with free positioning186 x 60 cm black
VAT excluded

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FreshSense: the perfect storage temperature.Thanks to the optimal storage conditions, food maintains the ideal consistency; ice cream, for example, is neither too soft, nor too hard. A constant temperature inside the refrigerator is a decisive factor in obtaining more freshness and aroma. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control room, refrigerator and freezer temperature. The temperature is constant in the refrigerator, regardless of the external temperature. Shaking less does save time and improve energy efficiency.To constantly break your common freezer not only takes away much of your time, but also your energies. LowFrost technology reduces the amount of ice that is formed in the freezer so as not to crumble it frequently. When necessary, LowFrost freezers allow quick debrisation thanks to the practical duct placed at the base of the appliance. Choose the freezer that takes care of you, and yourself.
Product Details

Data sheet

product color
energy efficiency class
Positioning of the device
Free installation
Total net capacity
308 L
Net capacity refrigerator
214 L
Freezer location
Bottom seat
Freezer net capacity

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