Wine cellar ws30ga cellar

Ws30ga, free installation
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With a width of 50 cm, the Wine Bank 50 range of Haier allows you to store your precious collection of bottles as in a professional cellar. Keeping the wine under the right conditions helps preserve the characteristics and structure of a bottle, for a more satisfying experience when the time comes to break it. For this reason Haier has created a cellar that takes care of your collection, ensuring the best conditions in which to store it until it is time to taste it. The Wine Bank Series 3 cantinettes by Haier are equipped with an anti-UV glass door that protects bottles from harmful sunlight, ensuring the perfect conditions for the best preservation of wine.
  • Wooden shelves
  • LED lighting
  • High tech lock
  • Class G
  • Anti-vibration system
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energy efficiency class
Bottle capacity
30 bottle(s)
Positioning of the device
Free installation

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