Pando pvzl 180-165 crl wine cellar wine cellar with free compressor installation black 165 bottle - bottle

165 bottles, 400 l, g, 173 kWh/annum, 44 dB(A), 2 cold compartments
VAT excluded

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THE NEW CANTINETTE PANDO - INTEGRAL COOKINGCapacity from 7 to 178 bottles. Available for underfloor, column and pannellabili . Enology is our final choiceOur passion for cooking is absolute. We dedicate body and soul to it. In the preparation of the dishes and in the care of the wines. The enology entered the house and made it through the big door. With Pando Integral Wine Cellar, here is a collection of cantinettes to collect, store and expose the finest wines. It is the spirit of this Earth of Wines embodied in a sensory gift. A perfect combination of elegance and technology. A delight for design lovers and the most demanding sommeliers. Different finishes: stainless steel, black glass or pannellabiliDifferent finishes of the fronts that allow perfect integration in any style of kitchen. All models allow the opening of the door to the right or left and/or PUSH TO OPEN. New integrated ventilation system and dynamic climateSVI (Integrated Ventilation System)Only for integrated cantinettes inside the wall cabinets.The Integrated Ventilation System, exclusive of Pando, facilitates the insertion within any type of furniture, as it does not require ventilation grids in the hose, as well as does not even need a high area or extra space inside it. The SVI allows a perfect and autonomous cooling of the cellar, regardless of the external climate. The operation will always be perfect and without any maintenance. Dynamic climateOnly a real cellar integrates a dynamic air conditioning system that allows to keep at temperature all and each of the wine bottles present inside. The air-conditioned system allows, thanks to its various internal fans, to ensure that all parts of each bottle maintain the same temperature to ensure an ideal and excellent preservation. Real cantinettes that make the difference.1. Soft-Close- Professional high-strength hinge with Soft-Close system for cantinettes to be integrated into the wall units. . 2. Digital display- Display with thermostat and digital control - Temperature in C° and F° - Temperature History - Stand-by (Display and Acustic Off) - Open and operating door warning systems 3. Internal characteristics- Natural beech shelves - Blue Indoor LED Light - Internal light configurable with constant ignition or adjustable ignition based on door opening - Interior black color 4. Perfect storage- Triple tempered glass door - UV anti-racing solar filter - Coal filter - Subtropical climate class - Compressor with anti-vibration system - Heating device
  • Door system with handle
  • Finishes: Black or Stainless glass
  • Opening: right or left
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energy efficiency class
Bottle capacity
165 bottle / bottle
Positioning of the device
Free installation

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