Electrolux ew7f472wbi front loading washing machine 7 kg 1151 Giri-min d white

D, 69 kWh/a, 7 kg, 70 db, 1151 rpm, lcd display, white
VAT excluded

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Vapour function PROSpread the fabrics and reduce the folds of a third, facilitating ironing operations. Refresh your garments and save over 40 liters of water per cycle. Everyday garments, protected with SensiCareAutomatic rule thanks to special sensors the cycle according to the load, guaranteeing a saving of time, water and energy for a delicate and sustainable washing. Get the most out of your bosses with the Softest optionThe More Soft option during the last rinse, sprinkles the water items and distributes the softener evenly inside the basket, to obtain optimal washing results, with soft and fresh garments longer. Adjusts the life of the washing cycle with TimeManagerSelect the TimeManager function on the panel to reduce cycle duration up to four times. Excellent washing results just when you want. The pleasure of being quiet in the house while you take care of your bossesElectrolux washing machines have been designed to wash your garments quietly. This means that you can maintain a quiet and comfortable environment.
Product Details

Data sheet

product color
energy efficiency class
centrifuge efficiency class
Basket capacity
7 kg
Positioning of the device
Type of charge
Front loading
Maximum spin speed
1151 Giri/min

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