Apell 1168mm 2v gsx linear

1168mm 2v gsx linear, satin
VAT excluded

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Linear is a complete range of welded sinks with high depth tanks and particularly refined and elegant aesthetics. the design of the dripper makes this product suitable for inserting in modern kitchens with minimalist design. the linear plus range is characterized by tanks with a minimum radius (r15 mm on lnp861, lnp862, lnp1162 and r12 mm on lnp80 and lnp3416). this cutting-edge technological solution makes it easy to clean daily while preserving the stylistic linearity of the product. The high depth of the tanks (20 cm for linear plus and 21 cm for linear, from the pool edge) allows to stay in the sink a large number of dishes without these emerging beyond the edge of the tub. the particular design of the intruder and its depth allow to elegantly annex the entire sink into the top of the kitchen, making it less likely unpleasant spills of water from the sink area.
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