Bosch series 2 kin865sf0 refrigerator with built-in freezer 260 l f

F, 293 kWh/a, 184/76L, 39 db, nofrost, led commands
VAT excluded

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Homogeneous temperature for greater freshness.Non-homogeneous temperatures in your refrigerator can affect the taste and duration of your foods. With EcoAirflow, moisture and temperature are distributed evenly, so your food will stay cooler, longer. More room for your fresh food.Keeping fruit and vegetables has never been so easy. The MultiBox XXL drawer offers ample space for fresh food. Perfect for when you want to escort salad or cool that watermelon to take to the picnic. Intelligent inverter technology: efficient interaction.The intelligent interaction between thermal, electronic and compressor sensors has a name: Intelligent inverter technology. Thermal sensors constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside the integrated refrigerator. The changes are immediately reported to the electronic system so that the compressor performs its performance according to the current situation. FreshSense: the perfect storage temperature.Thanks to the optimal storage conditions, food maintains the ideal consistency; ice cream, for example, is neither too soft, nor too hard. A constant temperature inside the refrigerator is a decisive factor in obtaining more freshness and aroma. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control room, refrigerator and freezer temperature. The temperature is constant in the refrigerator, regardless of the external temperature. No more crumblingStealing the refrigerator can be really boring and can take a long time. Thanks to our new fridges with NoFrost technology, you can safely eliminate this task forever from the list of things to do. Compared to traditional refrigerators, with NoFrost technology, the humidity of the air is collected in a centralized unit that automatically breaks when necessary. The condensation is then channelled outside the refrigerator, where it evaporates. In this way, NoFrost keeps the refrigerator free from the ice and you will not need to crumble it manually. LED light: the content of the refrigerator in the spotlight.LED lighting helps you keep an eye on all the contents of your refrigerator. The LED lights are housed in a particular internal structure that allows perfect light distribution inside the refrigerator, taking full advantage of the intensity. LEDs are also efficient because they must never be replaced and save energy. Looking for a new refrigerator?If you are undecided on which model to choose, try the Bosch shopping guide. Discover all the features and features of our refrigerators and find the one that best suits your needs.
  • EcoAirflow: ensures optimum air circulation and homogeneous temperature in the fridge compartment
  • MultiBox XXL: extra-large drawer for fruit and vegetables
  • Intelligent inverter technology: thermal sensors constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside the integrated refrigerator, and the compressor proactively adapts its pres
  • FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature conditions of the refrigerator and the environment, maintaining a constant temperature in the two cavities
  • NoFrost: never to crumble again
Product Details

Data sheet

energy efficiency class
Positioning of the device
Total net capacity
260 L
Net capacity refrigerator
184 L
Freezer location
Bottom seat
Freezer net capacity
76 L

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