Bosch series 6 kis86add0 refrigerator with recessed freezer 265 l d white

177.2 x 55.8 cm, d, 265 l, led light, 38 db, SN-T, lowfrost
VAT excluded

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FreshSense: the perfect storage temperature.Thanks to the optimal storage conditions, food maintains the ideal consistency; ice cream, for example, is neither too soft, nor too hard. A constant temperature inside the refrigerator is a decisive factor in obtaining more freshness and aroma. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control room, refrigerator and freezer temperature. The temperature is constant in the refrigerator, regardless of the external temperature. LED light: the content of the refrigerator in the spotlight.Efficient: they must never be replaced and save energy. Effective: the particular internal structure of the LED housing allows perfect light distribution inside the refrigerator, taking full advantage of the intensity. Maximum flexibility in the freezer compartmentGlass shelves can be removed to create a single compartment suitable for freezing large foods. Optimal protection for frozen foods.Thanks to the automatic Super Freeze, the freezer recognizes the temperature change when entering a new food, and automatically adjusts its temperature to protect the foods already present. Intelligent inverter technology: efficient interaction.The intelligent interaction between thermal, electronic and compressor sensors has a name: Intelligent inverter technology. Thermal sensors constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside the integrated refrigerator. The changes are immediately reported to the electronic system so that the compressor performs its performance according to the current situation.
  • Intelligent inverter technology: thermal sensors constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside the integrated refrigerator, and the compressor proactively adapts its performance
  • Freezer LowFrost for reduced brina training
  • FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature conditions of the refrigerator and the environment, maintaining a constant temperature in the two cavities
  • Super Freeze Automatic: the freezer adapts its temperature every time a new food is inserted at room temperature, thus protecting other foods kept from thermal shocks
  • LED light
Product Details

Data sheet

product color
energy efficiency class
Positioning of the device
Total net capacity
265 L
Net capacity refrigerator
Freezer location
Bottom seat
Freezer net capacity
74 L

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