Siemens iq700 fi30np32 vertical recessed freezer 445 l f white

445 l, f, 401 kWh/a, 42 db, icemaker
VAT excluded

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No more defrosting: noFrost technology.Thanks to the noFrost technology, a ventilation system avoids the formation of moisture in the freezer compartment. Therefore the air remains dry. This reliably prevents the formation of frost within the appliance or on foods. More light in dark spots: LED lighting.The new long-lasting integrated LED lights are flush with the side wall or ceiling and brighten the interior perfectly and evenly without dazzling. Flexible use of freezer compartment: varioZone.The glass drawers and shelves between the drawers can be removed, organizing the space in the freezer according to your personal needs. Multi-Airflow SystemThe multiAirflow system homogeneously distributes the air flow on each shelf, ensuring that the temperature is the same on each level. Excellent preservation and lasting freshnessThe variations in the external temperature and the frequent opening of the refrigerator door cause temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator. The intelligent freshSense sensors react to thermal changes, adapting the temperature of the refrigerator and minimizing the fluctuations, for ideal storage. icemakerThe integrated icemaker produces all the ice cubes you want at any time. To freeze large quantities in very short time: superFreezing.To avoid defrosting food when you put other foods in the freezer, just activate the superFreezing button before you go shopping. The appliance cools automatically at a temperature of –30 °C so that fresh foods newly stored do not interrupt the freezing process.
  • Home connect, for remote control of the fridge with the Home Connect App (available for iOs and Android)
  • noFrost: prevents the formation of brina, making it not necessary to manually crumble the freezer
  • LED lighting
  • LED Light
  • integrated icemaker
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Data sheet

product color
energy efficiency class
608 mm
756 mm
2125 mm
Positioning of the device
Type of product
Freezer net capacity
445 L

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