Bosch series 4 smd4hax48e dishwasher total disappearance 13 covered d

D, 13 covered, 84 kWh/100, 6 programs, 44 db, 4 functions, aquastop
VAT excluded

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Home Connect: dishwasher connected for a simpler life.With the Home Connect App you can remotely control the connected dishwasher, access the instruction manuals in digital format and see useful tips of use directly from your smartphone or tablet. OpenAssist: easy opening without handle.OpenAssist allows you to open the total concealed dishwasher with a simple touch on the front of the appliance. The door of the dishwasher without handle is the optimal choice for modern kitchens, in which the front of the appliances must be in harmony with the chosen style. Besides being elegant, it is also particularly easy to use. Preferred ProgramWith the Preferred program, you can activate the most used washing programs and the preferred options, combining them, easily and quickly. It can be activated with the Home Connect App or directly from the dishwasher control panel through the dedicated button. The dishwasher will think about the rest! Flex basketsThe upper and lower basket consists of some moving elements to fit the load type. EasyDo you need someone to advise you on how to make the most of your new Bosch dishwasher? Simple, just ask your smartphone! Thanks to the Easy Start function, present in the Home Connect app, you will receive useful tips on the most suitable washing program for your dishes. Up&Down system at 3 levelsMaximum load flexibility, the upper basket can be adjusted in height depending on the needs. InfoLight - a red point that provides information.A red led point on the floor indicates whether the total disappearance dishwasher is still in operation or already finished. EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, silent and efficient.The EcoSilence Drive brushless motor is extremely efficient, fast and silent and accurately adapts the water pressure on the dishes for a suitable treatment to every type of load. All this to use less water, less energy and always have impeccable results. Thanks to the effective dissolution of the cleaner, EcoDosage guarantees optimal results.Also in terms of cleaning and silent washing. The detergent comes out of its dispenser pouring into a special container on the upper basket where it dissolves completely.
  • Home Connect: dishwasher connected for a simpler life
  • OpenAssist: easy opening without handle
  • Preferred program. Customize your dishwasher
  • Flex baskets: to easily load the dishwasher
  • InfoLight: the red floor indicator indicates whether the dishwasher is on
Product Details

Data sheet

energy efficiency class
598 mm
Positioning of the device
Total disappearance
Quantity of washing programs
Number of seats
13 seats
Noise emission class

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