Bosch series 4 spv4ekx20e dishwasher total disappearance 9 covered d

45 cm, d, aquastop, 45 db, 81.5 x 44.8 x 55 cm, 63 kWh/100, 8.5 l
VAT excluded

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InfoLight - a red point that provides information.A red led point on the floor indicates whether the total disappearance dishwasher is still in operation or already finished. AquaStop: unlimited protection over time against water damage.We at Bosch, give importance to home security. The AquaStop System consists of a double-wall feeding tube, a mechanical valve in the feeding tube and a display screen. The AquaStop anti-launch system, consisting of a double-walled feeding tube, an electro-mechanical valve and an electrical sensor, is consistently active. At the lowest water loss, wherever the electrodomestic occurs, the AquaStop system intervenes immediately by interrupting the incoming flow and avoiding the attachments. Bosch offers protection against water damage, washing after washing. ActiveWater technology: less water, less energy, more performance.This innovative technology optimizes efficiency and guarantees an ecological wash for excellent cleaning results. Water and energy saving is achieved through targeted water distribution, optimized filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for greater water circulation. Crystal protection systemCrystal protection system for the delicate care of glasses and dishes. Too sweet or too hard water can damage the soft glasses. Thanks to the crystal protection system, Bosch dishwashers regulate the water hardness level. That's how we take care of your glasses. EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, silent and efficient.The EcoSilence Drive brushless motor is extremely efficient, fast and silent and accurately adapts the water pressure on the dishes for a suitable treatment to every type of load. All this to use less water, less energy and always have impeccable results. Our quality assurance: 10 years warranty without corrosion against internal rust.We have developed special surface treatments and production processes specifically for materials used in our dishwashers. We are therefore able to offer 10 years warranty without corrosion of the internal cavity, from the inside out, on all our dishwashers. The guarantee can be activated for all dishwashers purchased from 1 January 2012. Thanks to the effective dissolution of the cleaner, EcoDosage guarantees optimal results.Also in terms of cleaning and silent washing. The detergent comes out of its dispenser pouring into a special container on the upper basket where it dissolves completely. IntensiveZone: to effectively clean pots and pans by pressing a button.The IntensiveZone option can be combined with any standard washing program. It requires increased pressure and temperature of water in the lower basket. In the upper basket, the pressure of the water corresponds to the selected program. Suitable for washing particularly dirty pots and pans. Automatic programmesThey guarantee the best washing automatically. The use and temperature of water, as well as the rinsing duration are adjusted exactly according to the level of dirt, providing the best results, and saving water and energy.
  • InfoLight: the red floor indicator indicates whether the dishwasher is on
  • AquaStop: flood protection system
  • Crystal protection system: gentle washing and drying of dishes and glasses
  • EcoSilence Drive: extremely efficient, fast and silent engine
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Data sheet

energy efficiency class
448 mm
Positioning of the device
Total disappearance
Quantity of washing programs
Number of seats
9 seats
Noise emission class

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